Three Signals That Your Spa Pump Needs To Be Replaced

Summer is officially over in Australia. With winter just around the corner, now is the ideal time to ensure your spa is ready to keep you warm during the cold days ahead. Spa pumps last five to ten years. Towards the end of its life, there are signs that a spa pump is failing and needs to be replaced. As you get your spa winter-ready, look out for these signs that your spa pump needs to be professionally assessed for replacement.

Audible Clues

A spa pump is designed to run quietly in the background while you enjoy your soak. Therefore, if your pump is making unusual sounds, then that is a signal something is wrong. For example, if the water is not flowing but the spa pump is humming, then the pump may be seizing. Alternatively, a rattle heard while the pump is running could be a worn bearing that needs replacing.

Water Leaks

Leaking water around a spa indicates a possible leak in the pump assembly. This is dangerous because of the electricity used to run the spa pump. If you notice water coming from the pump hosing, immediately switch it off and unplug the spa from the wall socket. Do not use it again without it being inspected by a pool contractor who is trained in spa repairs. Continued use creates the risk of an electric shock to those in the spa area.

Water Pressure Change

A change in the water pressure is another sign of impending spa pump failure. The prime function of the spa pump is to move water around the spa and out the jets. When the jets are no longer strong, then this is an indicator of water pressure change. Blocked jets are one reason for spa jet pressure reduction and spa pump failure is another. When the spa pump is not operating correctly, it cannot move the water as fast as it should. A contractor will first check the jets for blockages and debris. Once those are eliminated, they will then test the functionality of the spa pump.

These are three signals that your spa pump needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. With your spa about to get plenty of use, keep these signs in mind as you clean out your spa to get ready for the cold nights ahead. Better still, contact your local pool contractor and get them to come out and do a full maintenance checkup of the spa so you know it is safe for use.

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