3 Elements That Take a Pool from Leisure to Luxury

The installation of a new swimming pool is not a decision made lightly due to its cost and the impact it has on existing landscaping. However, a swimming pool adds value to your home in both its resale value and also as a place to unwind and relax. Due to the monetary investment required to install a pool, you should consider taking the pool up a notch to a luxury level before the installation begins. Here are three ways you can change your pool from leisure level to luxury just by making these changes.

1. Design

Your pool's design is one factor which elevates a pool from blah to bazinga! When you are looking at a budget pool installation, you likely chose a rectangle lap pool or a standard family pool installed at your home. But when you want something that screams luxury, talk to your pool builder about an infinity pool. An infinity pool has one edge of the pool that drops away rather than have a paved edge; this design choice allows the water to flow straight over the edge. This gives the optical illusion that there is no edge to the pool because the water reflection merges with the sky. Another luxury design option to consider is a spa located beside or within the pool or perhaps an elegant waterfall feature. These options elevate the look of the pool beyond a base model design.

2. Technology

Using the latest technology trends is another way to elevate a pool to luxury status. For example, smartphone technology means you can test your pool water and adjust the chemicals added just through an app on your phone. This is considered a luxury item because your pool water always looks crystal clear and you do not need to toil over the pool to test the water the old-fashioned manual way. This smart technology can also be used to turn pool lights on and off; even colour change the lights if you choose this option.

3. Landscaping

Finally, when discussing design ideas with a luxury pool building, do not forget about upgrading the landscaping around the pool area. For example, glass pool fencing is much more attractive and luxurious than black gates. Also, consider a granite or marble look of pavement around the pool rather than concrete or standard pavers.

Your options to upgrade the pool to luxury level is limited only by your imagination. For more information, contact a luxury pool builder. 

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