Over And Out: Is An Overlap Liner Right For Your Above Ground Pool?

When it comes to choosing an internal liner for your above ground pool, vinyl is one of the most popular and practical choices around, offering excellent durability and long life at a low price point. However, if you do choose a vinyl pool liner, or are having an aged pool liner replaced with new vinyl, you should pay particular attention to how the liner is adhered to the inside of the pool.

One of the most popular ways to install a vinyl pool liner is with the overlap method. This simple lining method fixes the liner in place by overlapping it across the walls over your pool, where it is then fastened in place. This method of liner fitting is deceptively simple and boasts a number of advantages over more complex beaded liners. However, overlap liners also come with a few inherent drawbacks, so take stock of the needs and characteristics of your pool before you opt for this option.

What are the advantages of choosing an overlap pool liner?

Lower prices: Because overlap liners do not have beaded edges, they are generally cheaper and simpler to manufacture (and therefore purchase) than beaded liners.

Ease of installation: Without beaded edges, overlap liners are fitted in place using simple coping strips (generally made of plastic but available in more durable metal) which fit over the edges of your pool. This makes them relatively easy to fit, although you should always have a liner fitted professionally for best results.

Flexibility: Overlap liners are not as closely fitted to your pools contours as beaded liners, and as such they are generally made of more flexible, forgiving vinyl. This makes an overlap liner more resistant to accidental gashes and tears.

Versatility: The overlapping portion of an overlap liner provides extra material to work with in case you have problems fitting the liner snugly, and these liners are therefore easier to fit to oddly shaped or contoured pools. The extra material is also useful if your pool is particularly deep.

What are the disadvantages of choosing an overlap pool liner?

Limited aesthetic choices: Because overlap liners are not fitted with exact precision as beaded liners are, any patterns (such as tile effects) can become overlapped and mismatched during fitting. You should also bear in mind that the overlapping portion of the liner will be visible from outside the pool, which some people may find unsightly.

Difficulty with raised decks: Raised decks can present a significant obstacle when attempting to fit an overlap pool liner, especially if they are closely fitted to the edges of your pool. As such, your deck may require limited dismantling before the liner can be fitted, which can be laborious. 

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