The benefits of using concrete construction for swimming pools in small blocks

Many Australians enjoy the idea of having a swimming pool in their backyard, but as block sizes have gotten smaller home owners have struggle to fit a traditional pool into their smaller yards. Installing a concrete swimming pool can be a great way to make the most of a small yard and get a pool for the household to enjoy. 

Flexibility in shape

Fibreglass pools tends to come in a limited range of shapes. In smaller yards the available space for a swimming pool (which needs to take into account not only the yard space which is available but also the underlying structures such as sewer and gas pipes under the ground) can be an unusual shape. Concrete pools can be designed in a large range of shapes and sizes that makes the most of the available space. 

Concrete pools can also be customised with ledges and seats so that people can dip into the pool and enjoy a sit in the pool, which can be very useful in a small pool which might not have enough space for traditional swimming and be more of a 'plunge pool' in practice. 

Easier access requirements

When fibreglass pools are placed into backyards in built up areas they generally need to be crane lifted into place which can be extremely challenging depending on the access the block. Whilst concrete pools also require access to the back yard, this is often easier as it requires only street level access, and doesn't need to swing across the neighbouring block. Much of the plastering work and tiling can be completed using normal access down the side of the house. 

Flexility in colour and textures

Concrete pools can be finished in a range of textures and colours. This can be a great advantage in small yards where the pool may also serve as a water feature. The pool can be painted in any colour or tiled in mosaics or plain tiles. As the pool is much smaller it can be easier to experiment with luxurious textures to make the pool into an impressive feature of your yard. 

If you have a small yard and have been wondering if it would be possible to have a small pool in your yard, then concrete pools might be the answer. Why not contact a swimming pool construction company today and start to explore which options might be possible on your block?

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