4 Pool Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you have a pool, maintenance is key to ensuring that the pool remains functional and that your pool water is clean. There are a lot of things involved in pool maintenance, which makes it easy to forget some of them. Fortunately, if you follow the right procedures, taking care of your pool is something you can do by yourself. Avoid the following mistakes.

Shocking Your Pool during the Day

Pool shocking is one of the pool maintenance techniques that you should consider at least once a week. In order to ensure that the pool shocking is effective, you need to avoid doing it during the day. This is because the sun will burn off the shock chemicals. For this reason, pool shocking should be done at night or dusk.

Skipping Out On the Chemistry of Your Pool Water

Neglecting the chemistry of your pool water can affect your pool's lifespan as well as the safety of the swimmers. Pool water chemistry simply refers to its pH levels. Low and high pH levels can damage your pool equipment and lead to the growth of harmful and undesirable algae and bacteria.

Monitor the pool water pH so that you adjust any imbalances. High pH levels can make the chlorine used less effective.

Failing to Run Your Pool Pump Long Enough

Regular circulation of your pool water is key to the health of your pool. One of the mistakes you are likely to make is to run your pool only for a short time. Proper and continual circulation of the water will help ensure that the pool maintains its chemical balance.

Therefore, for effective results, leave your pool running for about half the day. If algae have been discovered in your pool, you may want to run your pool non-stop to achieve the best results.

Failing To Clean the Chlorine Generator/Salt Cell

If you have a saltwater swimming pool, it will require considerably less maintenance. However, this doesn't mean that you should neglect the maintenance completely. Salt deposits can accumulate in the chlorine generator or salt cell. The accumulation of chlorine in the generator can lead to a deficiency in the level of chlorine in your pool water, which can be harmful to swimmers.

Having a pool in your home is a way to spruce up your homestead but the way you maintain the pool will determine how functional the pool is. Therefore, avoid these mistakes to ensure a successful pool maintenance routine.

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