Don't Overlook These Factors When Getting a Custom Pool for Your Property

Getting a custom designer pool for your property can mean one that is in any shape you like, whether that's a guitar outline or even a romantic heart. It can also mean having a pool that works around your landscaping and size restrictions, if you have a small yard or lots of trees and flowerbeds. When you are ready for a custom pool for your property, note a few things you don't want to overlook so you know you'll get a pool you'll love for years to come.

1. Leave space around the pool

When getting a custom pool made, you can usually fit it into any awkward layout or small yard, but be sure you're not making the space too crowded. You want room for foot traffic so everyone is comfortable around the pool. Remember too that you want to keep the edge of the pool a certain distance from grass and vegetation so that the pool water doesn't constantly splash onto these and cause damage. The same is true if you have a wood fence, as pool water and the chemicals in the water can cause the wood to rot and mildew.

2. Consider maintenance and operational costs

If you dream of an oversized pool in your yard, be sure you remember the maintenance and operational costs of the pool. You may need a larger pump or even more than one pump to keep the water moving through the filters, and this means more costs for electricity. In the summertime, water can easily evaporate under the hot summer sun, so you may need to consistently refill the pool. This too can mean added costs for water, as well as chemicals and chlorine. Don't consider just the installation cost, but always remember the maintenance and operational costs of an oversized pool in your yard.

3. Added features

If you're getting a custom pool built, consider the addition of a water feature and side lighting along the pool's edge to make your pool as attractive as possible. A spa to one side can be relaxing and even therapeutic. Water jets can also be relaxing and allow you to swim in one place, against the current of the jets. This can make your pool a great place for exercise and not just lounging. Don't overlook any of these features if you have the chance to include them with your custom pool.  

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