Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool in Pristine Condition

When you get a pool constructed in your yard, the work does not stop there. For you swimming pool to remain a great source for cooling yourself during the sweltering summer months, you have to take extra measures to ensure that it stays attractive and well maintained. Engaging in pool maintenance is also a preventative measure against an array of pool related problems such as clogged filters and the growth of algae in your swimming pool. Other than having your pool serviced occasionally by professional pool contractors, here are other simple maintenance tips you could engage in to keep your pool in pristine condition.

Regularly ensure that debris is not left floating in your swimming pool

If you have plants, shrubbery and trees in close proximity to our pool, you will have to deal with debris making its way into the water. It is prudent to engage in surface cleaning of your pool on a regular basis so as to eliminate twigs, dead branches and leaves from your pool. Leaving them unattended puts your filters at risk, as these particles can be drawn into the filters, accumulate and cause clogging. In addition to regular surface cleaning, you should also engage in pool cleaning immediately after a storm, as the high winds and rainfall will cause this debris to make its way into your swimming pool.

Regularly inspect your swimming pool's water levels

One aspect of pool maintenance that homeowners tend to overlook is the water levels. However, decreased water levels does not simply affect your pool in the sense that it has less water. Decreased water levels cause an imbalance in your swimming pool chemicals. If the chemicals are not appropriately diluted with sufficient pool water, you may start developing skin irritations every single time you go for a swim. Additionally, decreased water levels will also affect the optimal functionality of pool equipment such as pool pumps and filters. To maintain water levels in the summer months, you should consider investing is a solar cover for your pool. This decreases evaporation when the pool is not in use. It should be noted that if you notice a drastic drop in pool water levels, you should enlist the services of pool contractors to determine and remedy the problem for you, as there could be a leak somewhere in your pool.

Regularly scrub the pool's edge and tiles on the water line

The water line of your pool tends to be a prime breeding ground for organisms such as algae and forms of detrimental bacteria. If you notice some discolouration on the pool's edge or the water line, do not brush it off as just some dirt. Letting the bacteria and algae sit on the water line gives these organisms the chance to breed and multiply, making it harder for you to eliminate them.

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